Black Wellspring - Martín Azúa Numbered

Wellspring is an invitation to investigate and understand the natural processes to restore the relationship with the environment. It simulates an ecosystem through soil, rocks and plants, able to recover its natural balance.

Like raindrops falling on the inside of a cave, purified and enriched by the water lifecycle.

(Numbered and signed series limited to 8 units + 2AP)

Wellspring detail - Martín AzúaWellspring falling water- Martin azuaWellspring base- Martín AzúaWellspring water detail - Martin azuaWellspring - Numbered by Martin azuaWellspring detail - Numbered by Martin azuaWhite Wellspring - Martin azuaWhite Wellspring - Numbered by Martín AzúaWhite Wellspring detail - Martín Azúa

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Ceramic container, hand turned.
Oak wood frame. Ceramic colors in black or white.

Numbered and signed series limited to 8 units + 2AP.

From 1.100'00


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