Vase with branch

azua_red_jug_with_stone_and_wood01Martín Azúa continues exploring the relationship between ceramics and nature. The project began in 1999, when for the first time he left porous ceramic vases in the River Urederra in Navarra in order to collect “the natural stain”. Lichens and small plants settled on the vase showing that nature is capable of representing itself.

Ceramics has a great potential for innovating since whether it is from the material, technique, form, concept or collaboration with craftspeople, it is a unique experience that reconciles me with the objects

His first commercial ceramic piece was a revision of the traditional earthenware jug, “El Rebotijo”, which was produced by Aguade Cerámica. In 2012 he began a fruitful collaboration with the ceramist Marc Vidal, an exceptional potter, who from that moment would produce the pieces for the Martín Azúa / Numbered publishers. Initially they developed utility pieces among which feature a series of decanters that use plants and stones to purify the water and small chimneys conceived as a fire vases.
More recent and present in the exhibition are the stone vases, an allegory of decoration with natural subject matter literally integrating stones in the plastic stage of the production of the piece. On this occasion Martin also uses large-size dry branches picked up in the mountains of Opakua Alava. Stones and branches interact in different ways: the stones deform the vases sensually and delicately and the branches cross and break.

'Manantial' exhibition of Martin Azuaazua_opakua_forest'Manantial' exhibition of Martin Azua'Manantial' exhibition of Martin Azua'Manantial' exhibition of Martin Azuaazua_vase_with_branch_forest01'Manantial' exhibition of Martin Azuaazua_vase_with_branch_forest02

Vase with branch

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