The Urn project reintroduces the human being to the natural circle of life. It is the profane ritual of regeneration and the return to nature. The container is a mortuary urn made from biodegradable materials: coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. Inside it contains the seed of a tree. Once the urn is planted, the seed germinates and begins to grow. The seed can be changed for a different type of seed or plant more adequate to the chosen planting place, if need be.

Gerard Moline 2002 / Model designed by Azúamoliné 2005 / Top nominee – INDEX Awards 2005

Exhibitions: New agriculture, Galeria Opos, Milán 2004 / Neorural, Ego Gallery Barcelona 2005 / Etno lab Centro de Artesanía y Diseño de Lugo 2005 / 5ª Bienal d’Art leandre Cristòfol, La Panera Lleida 2006 / Offjects, Museu de les arts Decoratives, Barcelona 2006 / El geni de les coses, Barcelona 2009.

Photographies by Martín Azúa

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