Martin Azua: Designer, Art Director and Editor.

Sergi Vich Palou: Designer and assistant editor.

Special thanks to Sergi Vich and Eduard Puertas, who collaborated on the study with great dedication.

Have collaborated: Arcadi Lluís, Lesia Trubat, Oriol Gener, Ferran Casas, Marc Bové, Sergi Roigé Mas, Jonas Feliu, Tanya Pedra, Lucía Castro, Ilona Seilern, Milos Ristin, Iván Bravo, Eduard Puertas, Daniel Cabezas, Daniel Caramelo, Iván Expósito, María Hofstaetter, Laura Liberal, Marc Miralta, Antonio Sabater, Jenni Seppa, Alba Teixidor, Marga Trobat.

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