Numbered Sac

numbered-sac-numbered-azuaSmall felt bag which reminds of a shepherd’s bag; the handle is a turned wood piece. It is a bag to keep small things which can be hung from the neck as a pendant, from the shoulder as a bag, or be used as handbag.

It is a countertendency to big and heavy bags: small, simple and elegant.

(Numbered series limited to 2500 units)numbered-sac-numbered-azuanumbered-sac-numbered-azuanumbered-sac-numbered-azuanumbered-sac-numbered-azuanumbered-sac-numbered-azuanumbered-sac-numbered-azuanumbered-sac-numbered-azuateam-numbered-martin-azuateam-numbered-martin-azua

Design by Martín Azúa // Made by Jordi Miquel / Proline / Barcelona

Numbered Sac

Felt bag 100% made of wool.
The handle is made of turned maple wood and the strap of suede.
Delivery according to stock (5 to 20 working days).

Numbered series limited to 2500 units.


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