Nest House


Birds make nests wherever they want to, and using the closest available materials they integrate into the landscape in a natural way. Inspired by  birds, House Nest is a simple structure made from metal and string which can then be filled with natural materials: sticks, leaves, etc. No territory is occupied as this house hangs above ground level from by a thick cord so as not to damage the branch. Once installed it can be used as an observation platform or an essential habitat in which to spend the night. The House Nest allows natural space to be perceived and used as a scene for animal, vegetable and human life.

Designed for the Neorrural exhibition in the Ego Gallery in Barcelona and acquired by the Museo de Arte ContemporáneoLa Panera (Lleida). Distributed and commercialized by Droog Design.

Azúamoliné, 2005, Photographies: Martín Azúa

Nest House

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