rebotijo-numbered-azuaThis is a redesign of the traditional Spanish botijo which brings back a convivial and ecological way to drink fresh water. The water cools down even under the sun thanks to the porosity of the clay. The new form is somewhere between a bottle and a Tetra Brik and has a 1.5 litre capacity, ideal for all uses.

In 1999 Martín Azúa made the first version of the botijo with one of his best known pieces, rebotijo. Rebotijo and Neo-Rebotijo share the same concept: a cylindrical form flattened on the upper part. Rebotijo was made with a slip casting mold by AguadeCerámica and Neo-Rebotijo is completely handmade in collaboration with the potter Marc Vidal.

(Numbered and signed series limited to 250 units)


Design by Martín Azúa // Made by Marc Vidal / Barcelona

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Water container hand turned in red clay.
Capacity: 1,5L

Numbered and signed series limited to 250 units.

From 80'00


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