Motxilak basket


Motxilak basket (in Basque)
Martín Azúa has designed a backpack that integrates a chestnut basket handmade by the artisan Beatriz Unzueta.The chestnut basket contains a fabric bag that allows you to safely transport your personal computer or tablet.The chestnut basketmaking was very common in the Basque Country rural areas and it was used in hard tasks as the potato harvest because of its strength, lightness and durability.In this project we want to recover the chestnut basket initial utilitarian function for a contemporary urban use.

Made in one size: 
40 x 30 x 12 cm.
Interior bag and belts are 100% cotton.
It is a natural and vegetal product, “a basket to go to the office”.






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Motxilak basket

Basket made in chestnut wood.
Textile bag and straps made of 100% cotton.
It’s a handmade product so the baskets are different one from another.

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