HALO for Vibia

Illuminated, fluid silhouettes float in space; designed by Martín Azúa, the HALO family of hanging light fixtures is born from the fusion of light and material substance through a skilful and inconspicuous use of technology. The lightweight elements used in HALO provide interior environments with a subtle and magical lighting that blends naturally into any décor. Featuring abstract and bodiless shapes, latest generation LED technology achieves the lightweight formality and ethereal appearance of the HALO collection. Despite being secured to the ceiling, the HALO conveys harmonious movement and gives out an extraordinary light that can be adjusted according to the time of the day and the function of the space.

Barcelona 2012

HALO is available in two versions: a composition using linear components (the HALO LINEAL) or one with circles (the HALO CIRCULAR). Both versions are equipped with LED strips and a PMMA diffuser – together creating a subtle light that integrates into any environment. Furthermore, the translucent material used in the components acts as a screen, reducing glare and facilitating placement in a variety of interiors.



HALO for Vibia

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