Food Line


A shared gastronomic experience

The promoted BCD encounter between the designer Martín Azúa and the gastronomic director from the emblematic establishment Monvínic, Guillem Oliva, arises a reflexion on the “sharing on the table” concept. Food line menu means breaking the dish sequence from a traditional menu. This new ritual has an impact on the preparation of the dishes at the kitchen, table service and the guest behavior. It is a large wooden support that contains a number of dishes. It is placed on two pieces in the center of the table. It may have different lengths depending on the number of diners. Table service becomes a performance where the presentation of the dishes, table service and diners interaction play an important role.

Food Line is presented on June 10th at the Design Hub, in the framework of the Barcelona Design Week organized by the BCD (Barcelona Design Centre) at 19:00.

Design by Martín Azúa

Prototype made by Orwood






Food Line

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