Bread and love

bread-and-love-numbered-martin-azua-02An everyday object transformed into a jewel. Two metal rings catch a napkin in order to make a breadbasket. The shape reminds embroidery hoops, so it’s a good chance to embroider a wish that accompanies us in everyday actions. It is a very suitable object for keeping a promise alive; it has many similarities with wedding rings.
Martin Azúa designed the first version of this breadbasket in 2001 as a wedding gift for some good friends of him who are still a happy couple.
It is made in metal, coated in 24 carat gold and served with a napkin and a needle.

“When I was a child my father taught me that bread was sacred and had to be well cared and respected. I have lost his religious beliefs but this idea has been recorded in my mind.”

When carried to the table, the bread can be covered with the napkin corners, and well arranged, a flower can be created.






Bread and love

Made in metal, coated in 24 carat gold and served with a napkin and a needle.
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