Bowl with branch

Martín Azúa continues exploring the relationship between ceramics and nature. The project began in 1999, when for the first time he left porous ceramic vases in the River Urederra in Navarra in order to collect “the natural stain”. Lichens and small plants settled on the vase showing that nature is capable of representing itself.

I’m interested in ceramics because of its universal and ancestral nature, but also due to the closeness of the ceramic technique in natural processes and phenomena: earth, water and fire interact in the same way as they do in nature but in a process controlled by man

On this occasion Martin also uses large-size dry branches picked up in the mountains of Opakua Alava. Bowls crossed by branches that are placed on the outside like the spots where birds might perch or bathe.

azua_white_bird_sprue_01martinazua_home_sergivich_azuaazua_numbered_bowl_branch02Bowl with branch by Martin Azua

azua_numbered_bowl_branch03Bowl with branch by Martin Azua2

Bowl with branch

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